Spray Foam Process

If you would like to have Spray Polyurethane Foam installed in your home it is important to be well informed about what will be installed in your home and the process involved. Here are a few things to consider when having SPF insulation installed.

Learn about the product you are having installed

For more information about the product being installed be sure to ask questions. It is important to communicate with your contractor to be positive that you are getting exactly the product you need to suit your requirements. Advanced Spray Foam will be able to tell you more about the chemicals involved in making the foam as well as how they will all perform. Advanced Spray Foam will also be able to provide you with a MSDS (material safety data sheet) for all products that will be used during the installation process. If you have any questions about the MSDS it can be reviewed to help you understand the information and how it applies to you and your home. The label on the product and information from the manufacturer will also be a valuable source of information.

Be selective when you choose your contractor

Any time you hire a contractor to work in your home it is important to be sure of a certain key things. With Advanced Spray Foam you will get:

  • Appropriate training
  • Insurance coverage
  • A good reputation and references

Guidance on the following will also be provided:

  • Where you should install SPF insulation for the best results
  • What you should expect for each stage of the process
  • Safety precautions and specifications for the products

Your contractor should also be able to give you advice on local and federal rebates and tax credits for increasing the efficiency of your home.

Discuss when to reoccupy your home after installation

Before the installation process begins it is important to discuss the time you, your family, and your pets will need to stay out of your home. The amount of time before you should reenter your home depends on many factors, including the SPF being used, the amount of foam being installed, as well as the temperature, humidity, the amount of ventilation and other variables. Many manufacturers have times they recommend for reoccupancy depending on the product being installed. Most high pressure installations recommend 24 hours before returning to your home and many low pressure systems have a one hour recommended time period. These times are variable and should always be discussed before work begins.

Advanced Spray Foam's role and responsibilities:

It is your contractors job to ensure a safe and proper installation.

Before any work is done on your home there will always be a review of the work and process involved. This review will include things such as:

  • Precautions against overspray and to cutting down on dust.
  • Isolating the area to be worked in.
  • The ventilation system that will be used for interior applications typically comprised of fans and windows.
  • Putting out all flames and sources of ignition in the area to be sprayed and the areas near it. Furnaces, water heaters, pilot lights, and other heat sources should be turned off before beginning the installation process.
  • The clearing of the home and area of children and other workers while the installation is completed and until the home can be safely reoccupied.

During installing, the Advanced Spray Foam will:

  • Limit access to workers who are equipped with the necessary protective gear
  • Take measures to ensure there will be no heat or flames on site including ensuring that employees will not smoke on the job site.

Before the job is finished Advanced Spray Foam will:

  • Clean the work site thoroughly to be sure it is safe to reoccupy

Appropriate handling and disposal practices:

Advanced Spray Foam is well informed of the necessary precautions for handling and disposing of unused or excess SPF chemicals and containers.