‘Tis the season for increased heating bills

Believe it or not, winter is coming. The colder weather is about to set in and your utility bill is about to skyrocket — just in time for the holidays. But fear not. There are ways to keep that utility bill at a tolerable dollar amount through the chilly months so you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

We all know the basic tedious methods of saving money on our utility bill. Most people changed their light bulbs from incandescent to CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED bulbs and we make sure that the lights are only turned on in the rooms being used. If the television is on, it is because someone is watching it. If we are not using something, we try to remember to unplug it. And this time of year, we put on as many layers as possible and pile on the blankets while we try to put off turning the heat on for as long as possible.

Of course, these things will help reduce your utility bill — but people are busy these days. We have too many things going on to worry about what type of light bulbs we pick up at the store when we are running home after work. And nobody wants to be following their kids or guest around the house just to turn off the lights as soon as someone walks out of the room. Not to mention it’s the 21st century and everything has to be plugged in. How would you know where your phone charger was if it wasn’t plugged in? You wouldn’t. And everyone wants to wait as long as possible before turning on their heat but you want to be comfortable in your own home, too.

Rather than following the tedious methods for cutting your utility bill — or getting upset when you grab the wrong type of light bulb so you leave your phone charger plugged in and all the lights on when you rush out of the house to get the right kind — you can see that dreaded number drop with one simple step: Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation. Traditional types of insulation make it necessary to find ways to reduce your utility bill but with spray foam you’ll get huge money saving advantages immediately. It is applied directly to the gaps, cracks and surfaces responsible for heat loss. It insulates and seals air leaks — which makes it one of the simplest and most effective ways of insulating homes and new construction. If you were to air seal and insulate your home, you could save as much as 20 percent of heating and cooling costs — or up to 10 percent of your total energy costs. Spray foam insulation can also be used to prevent drafts from windows and doors helping to keep the warm air in during the colder months and cool air in during the summer.

If you are ready to stop worrying over ways to save on your utility bill and get back to relaxing and enjoying your time at home, it’s time to look into Advanced Spray Foam. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.